The Monoscillatron is a battery-powered, hand-held, mono-oscillating synth with the look and feel of a vintage morse code key. Housed in a sturdy die-cast aluminum enclosure, the Monoscillatron brings the morse code key to the stage. The range of the Monoscillatron is a robust five octaves of mono-oscillating power!


The Wonderphonium is a battery-powered, portable audio amplification device based off of early record players, be it the Edison Wax Cylinder or Victrola. The Wonderphonium gives fans of the sound of these record players the ability to easily hear that sound from any sound source they plug into the device, be it record player, mp3 player, or other audio device. Adding battery-powered portability, the Wonderphonium gives you the ability to enjoy your music in this way in any situation, be it in the parlor, picnic, or at the beach under your favorite parasol.


Battery Powered Travel Case Guitar Amplifier

Battery-powered, portable guitar amplifier housed in a variety of refurbished vintage suitcase and travel cases. Five tone settings, plenty of storage and vintage style for miles!